Why Ewsw ultimate virtual weight loss

Not Just Another Weight Loss Program

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No pre-packaged foods. We know what it’s like to carry around pre-packaged foods and constantly having to worry about how you’re going to heat up your next meal. This is why we don’t do that. Philadelphia Ultimate Virtual Weight Loss creates personalized, flexible food plans that focus on fresh, healthy foods that you purchase at the store. We believe you should have the options to cook for yourself, eat at a friend’s house, and still enjoy your favorite restaurants. Asking your server for directions to the nearest microwave is not fun.

No counting points. Even with the newest apps that scan your food package barcodes, counting points is still inconvenient. With EWSW, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of points. Put the calculator down and enjoy your life!

Tools to last a lifetime. One of the hardest parts of finishing most weight loss programs is the transition out of the program. Instead of counting points for life, EWSW gives you the tools that enable you to make smart choices. Life is not one big diet – it’s learning how to create balance in your lifestyle!

EWSW Ultimate Virtual Weight Loss is Different

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Why is it so easy to gain weight and so difficult to lose weight? Having a specific understanding of your body and why your metabolism works the way that it does is one of the key components to EWSW Programs. Your weight gain/loss could be contributed to hormones, chemicals in food, or other environmental variables. EWSW will teach you to understand your body’s physiological response to these causes and to make decisions that help you achieve your personal goals. 

An intellectual and purposeful approach to wellness and weight loss. No two people have the exact same body, metabolism, medical history, or weight loss goals, so how could two people successfully reach their goals on the same program? EWSW offers completely customized programs. EWSW Intelligence builds a plan for you that includes a food plan, client support, and supplements to support nutritional deficiencies and your overall health and well-being. EWSW Intelligence is the foundation for creating a unique and personalized program, just for you!

You are not alone. Support makes any journey easier. EWSW provides you with an unparalleled level of support on your Wellness and Weight Loss journey. We take a team approach to help you in every step of the way. 


  • KLARA Text daily progress updates twenty-four hours a day, KLARA interprets daily weights, answers questions, and proactively guides you through the Program.
  • Weekly face-to-face Zoom conference call meetings with a EWSW healthcare practitioner or wellness coach.
  • Via social media, a community of EWSW clients that is more than 7,000 strong offer motivation and support for fellow EWSW clients.
  • EWSW Community Portal offers articles, recipes, and interaction with other EWSW clients.

    The Program that Fits Your Life

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    You are unique – and so should be your wellness and weight loss program. Your body plus your lifestyle equals the need for a program that is designed specifically for you. Your EWSW Wellness and Weight Loss program is tailored to fit your specific needs, so as changes in your body and life happen, your program is able to accommodate these changes.

    Remote Consultations

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    It’s not always easy to find time to visit an office. In today’s world, 60% of families have both parents working, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We understand this, which is what led us to support a number of clients through our remote program. You have the same benefits and level of service as the clients who visit an office, without having to move around your schedule. Near or far, EWSW will support you with your weight loss and wellness goals!

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    Personalized nutrition reports that is ideal, preferred and cautionary foods that are neceesary supplements for your wellness. 

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    Learn about the success stories of EAT WELL SLEEP WELL clients and how their lives have been changed for the best.

    Success Stories

    Learn about the success stories of EAT WELL SLEEP WELL clients and how their lives have been changed for the best.

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